Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Nikolai Insurance has been insuring farms for over 55 years and knows that farm owners have unique insurance issues. Whether you are a full-time farmer or a hobby farmer, own 10 acres or thousands of acres, Nikolai Insurance can help develop a farm insurance product you can rely on to protect your home, personal property, farm buildings, equipment and livestock while also providing farm liability. Nikolai Insurance knows how valuable time is to the farmer, which is why we not only make house calls, but offer in person advice and service. Your farm insurance is the cornerstone of protection for your farm, as such we also offer competitive farm auto and farm truck policies as well as farm umbrella policies to round out all of your farm insurance needs.

Some special coverage we can provide are:

  • Foreign object intake coverage
  • Deductible waived – lightning or electrocution of livestock
  • Antibiotics in milk in bulk truck – no deductible
  • Deductible waived for cab glass breakage
  • Peak season coverage
  • Snow load
  • Loss of Earnings & Extra Expense

We do have markets for special farms also such as:

  • Horses
  • Cranberry Growers
  • Deer/Elk Farms
  • Exotic Animal Farms

Remember, large or small, Nikolai Insurance  will customize your policies to protect your farming operations.

Please contact us for all your farm insurance needs.